Famous Jerk Cats

1. Garfield

Garfield is the primo example of a jerk cat. He is fat and lazy, and all he ever thinks about is food and sleep. Hapless John is great to him, and Garfield repays him by being a jerk. He kicks Odie and warps Nermal. My cats aspire to be Garfield.

2. Heathcliff

Heathcliff, Heathcliff, no one should terrify the neighborhood. But you do it anyway, don’t you? You with your rowdy pack of junkyard cats and your shape-shifting Cadillac. You’re always looking for a new way to terrorize Spike or pester the grumpy old fish market guy. For always getting into trouble and generally wreaking havoc, you, Heathcliff, are a jerk cat.

3. The Pink Panther

I honestly don’t know what The Pink Panther does except slink around and act creepy. But I liked him anyway when I was a kid, because I liked pink and I loved cats. Then the bastard sold out and starting selling insulation, and I lost all respect for the jerk.

4. Tom

What did that cute little mouse ever do to you?

5. The Aristocats

These snooty French felines have names like Duchess, Toulouse, and Berlioz. Plus, they’re loaded. Enough said.

6. Sylvester

Leave Tweety alone, you jerk!

7. That Tiger Who Ate Roy

I know Sigfried and Roy are creepy, but that didn’t mean she had to eat him! He raised the beast from the time she was a baby, and then she turned on him. I hope my cats don’t get any ideas from this jerk.


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