Reason My Cat is a Jerk #34: She Rubs Her Face on Stuff

5 12 2010

I have been told it’s perfectly normal for cats to rub their faces on stuff. They walk up and suddenly rub their cheek on the corner of a wall or a piece of furniture. It looks kind of strange, but ok, every cat I’ve ever had has done it. It’s just one of those cat things. Apparently, it’s supposed to release some gland that feels good to them or something. I let them be.



This is gross.


This is the spot where Pants rubs her face on the wall every single day. It’s about a foot off the ground, or about Pants-height, and it’s this oily black stain that she’s left from rubbing her face in this one spot too much. I don’t know if it happens because of the oil in her fur, or something that comes out of whatever gland she’s scratching, but it’s there, and it’s gross.

Now, keep in mind I repainted this wall in August. There had been a stain that we washed off every few months before that, but it was perfectly clean and face-free when I was done with it. In four months, she’s managed to leave her mark on my nice fresh wall all over again.

This is not the only place she rubs her face. As I type, she’s rubbing it on the leg of the desk I’ve working on. You can’t see a nasty gray stain on the desk because the wood is dark, but I bet it’s there. Just one more disgusting little way of reminding me that my cats are set on doing things I don’t like.




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21 12 2010

I love your blog! I have one female cat, Gali, and she does everything you’ve said your cats do.
She kittypeed on my suitcase, on my favorite handbag. When we were moving into our new house she sat on the middle of the stairs and wouldn’t move when everyone was carrying boxes upstairs.
She only comes to me when she’s hungry or randomly feels like she needs to be pet, and when I do it wrong she starts clawing at me with her 4 paws and teeth.


14 02 2011

I bet that even though your cat is a Jerk you would never give them away or want to lose them?
Hey I love black cats, they seemed to have a different level of attitude. I have three of them.

17 02 2011

I adore you blog. Keep it up

19 02 2011

my black cat just died today, and this happened to be the first thing I stumbled upon. crazy. I know this blog is all about making fun of the silly and annoying things your kitty does, but you’ll miss all those little mannerisms so much once she’s gone. trust me. ❤

21 02 2011

ROFL, I can relate! My kitty wakes me up in the morning like that. Great post 🙂

21 02 2011
Paul Revans

Yep communication using the scent gland around the face, are you aware of the organ called Jacobson’s organ? Worth a read of the link below for an explanation.

Keep up the feline Docu. Blog.

22 02 2011
Guy in IT

No Way, is your cat’s name “Pants”? Mine is too! She is a 10 yr old calico. Great to hear another kitty has her same name!

22 02 2011

Stumbled on your blog tonight. Read from post 1. I haven’t laughed that hard in months! I especially enjoyed all the people who assume that you’re not a good pet parent because you call your cats jerks. They just don’t get it lol

I’ve got two jerks of my own. Bama cannot let me sleep past 1030 am. He absolutely MUST run into the room, jump on the bed, and meow and headbutt me until I get up. Sherbert can sit no where but directly in front of my monitor. Nothing is safe sitting on top of the fridge. Cardboard boxes are always shredded to bits. Bama quite enjoys tossing piles of litter out of the box. If I open the fridge, one of the two is sure to jump in and climb into the back quicker than you would have thought possible.

They have learned how to open my closet doors. The pull clothes off the hangars, then sleep on the pile at the bottom of the closet. They rip the padding from under the carpet. They’ve destroyed my box springs for my bed. I have had to buy countless pairs of show strings to replace the ones that they eat out of my sneakers.

They’re evil jerks. But they’re MY evil, jerks! Wouldn’t trade ’em for anything!

22 02 2011

Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Get the edge of it a little wet and rub it on the dirt spots. It’ll come right off!
Reference: my own cat does this. Every day.
I love cats. 🙂

23 02 2011

My cat is a sickly cat thats allergic to everything and can only eat rich cat’s food. He’s obsessed with licking himself so wherever he lays, his cat…whatever is left. He’s fluffy now so it doesn’t happen too often. 🙂

I stumbled on your blog and read all of it! Your jerk cats sound like my jerk cats. Do your cats enjoy yelling at each other in the middle of the night? Mine do.

24 02 2011

Just found your blog on Stumbleupon, LOVE it!
We used to have cats at home and I can relate with so many of these things!
Send my love to Pants and Jezebel x

25 02 2011

I’m glad I found this via Stumble Upon. Whilst a certain amount of face rubbing is normal, you might want to get her mouth checked as it can also be a sign of something not right wither her teeth and/or gums. This excessive face-rubbing was how I discovered my cat had gingivitis.

2 03 2011

hi! Someone shared you on facebook and I love your blog, so am now following 🙂

5 03 2011

OH MY GOSH! I know I’m totally late to this party, but I was just directed to this link.

A few months ago I was sitting in our hallway talking to my husband and I noticed a brown stain on the corner of the wall (almost identical to your picture). I was grossed out and about to wash it off and forgot. The next morning I was standing in the bathroom putting on makeup and my cat came around the corner, meowing. I looked over at him and saw him rub his face against the corner of the wall RIGHT where that nasty mark was. I was totally grossed out!

5 03 2011

Hi! I stumbledupon your site today and love it! One of my cats, Oreo, claims everything. Anything that has a corner must immediately be claimed. I’m glad he doesn’t have a favorite wall, that does look disgusting!

5 03 2011
Erin Caracappa

Just found your blog! Your kitties are adorable! I have a black cat names Miles…he looks just like yours! Oh, and he’s totally a jerk too.

6 03 2011
Alyvia Tremor

Please!!! We need more reasons your cat is a jerk. Where have you gone?

7 03 2011

Its there scent gland. You cat is marking his/or her territory. My male cat does this on the front doorway i have a stain JUST like that one. He rubs his face on any new thing that is presented in her territory AND everything thats not new.

10 03 2011

it’s simple…you hate her or think she/he is a jerk and she feels the same way about you…Cats are goddesses… 😀

14 03 2011

maybe you should wash your wall more often then?

18 03 2011

They have little cat scratchers (they look like two flat brush heads) that attach to the wall. Cats love them. That would fix the problem and your cat could hav a nice face/neck scratcher 🙂

1 04 2011

the gland that cats have gets full and becomes painful, hence the rubbing to secret. Just pet your kitties cheeks back, they will love you for it and your walls won’t be dirty 🙂

14 04 2011
Michelle McGuckin

Haha great idea for a blog. I am definitely planning on reading all of these at some point. So far I have only read #34, I think reading one a day will do me just right! I am going to share this with twitter for sure.

26 04 2011

OMG lol i love this

6 05 2011

OMG lol i love this

9 05 2011

OMG lol i love this

30 05 2011
michele crissman

Very funny! I have had cats all my life. Sorry, dearie, I got news for you, your cats own you not the other way around! Geeesh! My current “Little Prince” is Zippy. I am here to wait on him hand and foot. I open the front door so he can go in or out at least 100 times a day! “It is my job.” I let him out around 4a.m. and aprox. 15 min. later I feed him his can of fru fru cat food. “It is my job” I give him some catnip after he eats, and play with him with his long stick with fluff on the end of it. Then let him back out. “It is my job.” are you getting my drift? You live for your cats. But I’ll tell you I don’t mind. I have a special bond with Zippy. If I’m upset, he is in my lap before the first tear falls. He never yells at me, or tells me I did something wrong. To him “I” walk on water. Pretty fair trade I think!!! Gotta love cats!! ❤

15 06 2011

I have a black cat too…..(Not that I think it has anything to do with his color)….just that I have a black cat….too….LOL
He used to rub against the corners of walls and cabinets. Cats have a very good sense of smell. I found that if I sprayed these favorite scratching / rubbing spots with a cologne or house hold air disinfectant, he would avoid them…..he doesn’t like the smell. I no longer have this problem (in the house) with my cat. Now he rubs against trees and the back door steps.

17 06 2011

When cats rub up against items, furniture, or even humans, there is a gland in the head that leaves a scent. this is how cats mark their territory. he’s not doing this bc it “feels good”” he’s doing this to say “this wall is MINE” trying talking to your vet about ocd. surprisingly many cats have this, and it might be what Pants is experiencing

18 06 2011
21st Birthday Presents

My cat is a jerk because every morning when I walk down stairs the has made a mess of the house and then sits by her food bowl meowing until she gets fed. You would think she owns the place.

25 06 2011

This is Hilarious! My Cat Molly is definatley a JERK too! LOL.

25 06 2011

Yeah, my Zippy is a jerk too. When I call him he comes running like, OH MOMMIE I MISSED YOU….. oh buuuuuuut….nope not ready to come in, and by this time I have been holding the door open, so all the bugs got in! But oh HELL NO, if he wants out he rings the bells like his ass is on fire, and I BETTER GET UP AND LET HIM OUT!!! Love the little beast though! =^..^=

28 06 2011

Ok, I will admit, this is pretty gross. But my cat is probably worse. She is a Havana Brown and she has some sort of defect with her tear duct in her eye…so I have no idea why, but all of her “tears” are brown. So guess what happens? Whenever she shakes her head, little brown droplets go flying all over the place. We find them most often on the walls and on our bedspreads. So…grossness ftw? Anyway, I love this blog so much. Thanks for keeping me entertained. The cat on my lap agrees. =^_^=

14 07 2011
Iron Maiden

Hello? Your cats are being cats. Get over it or let someone who will love them and appreciate them have them. Dumbass.

6 08 2011

Ha ha! Oh, I can totally sympathize! Although, I think the worst cat thing I’ve encountered so far has been from someone else’s cats. The last apartment we moved into the previous tenant had been there for quite a while, and while the place was clean (no cat pee smells, thank you!), there was fur on EVERY WALL!!! From floor to ceiling, there was an almost invisible layer of cat hair! Oh, it was such a pain to clean…

6 08 2011
Michele Crissman

Oh, I haven’t seen any blogs for awhile either. You’re not sick I hope, or God forbid something wrong with one of your little jerks?? Give them both a kiss for me. And my latest thing I do for Zippy? When he is on my bed er…ah…I mean “his” bed??? sleeping, and that fat belly is exposed so nicely, I give him a big raspberry!!! LMAO He just looks at me like I’m crazy, which of course I am!! Anyway, I read something from lolobean, about the “over grooming” Zippy was doing the same thing. It was driving us both nuts!! I took him to the vet. #1 the flea meds I was using, was not working. He gave me something new, works like magic. (forgot the name but will find out) #2 the vet gave him a shot of cortisone. The fleas were giving him raw skin, and he would lick, bite, scratch, and make it worse. With that shot and the new flea pill, he was back on the mend in 2 days!! It’s been a month and a half, and you wouldn’t even recognized him! Try that, and see if that helps your kitty. It is awful to have to clean like that all the time. Did y’all know that one bath takes as much spit as if they went pee one time?? If you think about it that is A LOT!!! Good luck with everybody’s little jerks, and by the way, check out my new site at:
TTFN Michele

12 08 2011
Shawn Tymchak

LOL, I have three jerks and four litterboxes. Great post though!

12 08 2011
Michele Crissman

Just got done reading all these, and heard cat’s screaming outside. I ran to the door and let my little jerk in. The cat across the street is in heat AGAIN. This is like 4 or 5 time this year. Her kittens die, and she goes into heat again. So a tom comes around and my zippy gets in a fight. He is fixed, but it is his yard! So he came running in tonight with poop hanging out of his butt. Damn I had to wipe his ass, and he wasn’t too happy wth that. Damn people are so stupid!! They can afford beer (lots of beer) 2 or 3 HUNDRED $ WORTH OF SCRATCH OFF TICKETS!! But can’t take care of their cat. All those litters so close in a row will kill her. I guess that would be ok???? WTF???? </3

14 08 2011
a life not yet unobserved

My cat uses my nose, which is lame. I really hate the fact tht my kitten is that ridiculous, or as I believe he is evil. This is sorta funny, because just before I read this ( via stumble upon) I wrote about how I think cats are crazy. Good timing eh?

16 08 2011

what would you do with out us cats!

16 08 2011
Michele Crissman

what would you do without us cats? I’m not sure how you meant that. I would be very very lonely without zippy. I have 2 sons. I love them more then my own life, but they grow up and leave. Your cats are there untl one of you kicks the bucket! I need him, he needs me, if for nothing else but to open the cans of cat food in the mornng. (he doesn’thave thumbs)
Love the little laundry sniffin’ bunny killin’ bastard!!!

❤ 2 zippy

16 08 2011

I meant, I love my shoe chew’n jerk!!!

19 08 2011

Like you say, all cats do the face-rub thing.. but she might have an infection in her mouth that’s causing her to do it too much. That’s what was up with my cat. He has to have a tooth removed. Ask your vet to check for infection.

26 08 2011

That would drive me up the wall!

27 08 2011

Great! more posts please!

27 08 2011
Michele Crissman

jimmiechew, your poor shoes!!! if it is a small kitten type person, (not too old) could just be teething. They do ya know. I’m glad you love your kitty. It makes me very sad to see the way we treat our 4 legged friends. All they ever do is try to love and protect us. Zippy is protecting me right now, by getting the bug in the kitchen. l(hope it’s a bug) anyway, I heard it said a long time ago. When it’s all said and done……we will be judged by the animals. Kinda scary huh?

9 09 2011
Angelo Viola

my cat is only friend in my home, even he is a jerk

9 09 2011

cat is better than dog, cat will not bite like dog

13 09 2011
michele Crissman

Well I now know what kind of brute my zippy is. last weekend sitting in the neighbors yard m.h.o.b. the neighbors had company. a small bull dog type jumped out of the bed of the truck, too late for zippy to run, so he sat up on his back legs, and right left right bap bap bap, then yipe yipe yipe, the dog went in the opposit direction, and zippy was as big around as a beach ball!! Now tell me he aint gonna be kickin’ somemore ass if needed!!! Greatest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!

13 09 2011
michele Crissman

and that not true………….cat will bite the shit out of you!!

14 10 2011
Perry Tenitiss

Your cat has a marking gland under her cheekbone that leaves an oily musk where she rubs it. You can clean it off with something like 409 or Palmolive soap. I’ll bet your other cat does the same thing in the same place. Clean it up and see if you can break them of the habit.

25 10 2011

This is a very interesting blog article… I enjoyed it

27 11 2011

If you think your cat is a jerk how about my dog that eats the legs of my bed and table! But I still love him :))))

28 11 2011

How old is your dog? Since you don’t seem to say “has done this all his life” He is probably teething. That’s why dogs have chew toys. You can teach him not to do this. Very easy.


26 03 2012
Alicia Schofield

I miss your blog! I hope you are able to continue updating soon. Hope all is well.

23 07 2012

I love your blog so much! I find it so relatable, Please post more!

7 11 2012
7 12 2012

LOL! Hilarious site, I know how that feels being a cat owner!

26 07 2013
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20 01 2014

This is the best blog I’ve ever read. Hilarious. Please don’t stop. I have 2 cats and they are complete twats!!!!

30 05 2014
Cat Care

Great post! Love reading these throughout your blog!

17 01 2015

Mark ass muthafuckin piece a shit cat. Burn dat Lil bitch in a muthafuckin toaster muthafucka.

26 04 2015

If you wonder if your cat actually loves you or is just using you for food, then you have to watch this hilarious comedy short!

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