Reason My Cat is a Jerk #25: She Won’t Share Her Toys

24 05 2010

Jezebel LOVES toys.

She loves playing with them. She loves destroying them. She loves pushing them under the dresser to hide them so we’ll give her new toys. She really loves when we finally move the dresser and she has a million toys to pick from.

Jezebel loves toys

The only thing she doesn’t love about toys is sharing them with Pants.

The two cats get along for the most part. They’re from the same litter and have been together their whole lives. They play together nicely, and they curl up together, and are generally adorable together.

But then you break out a toy, and Jezebel loses her mind. For a while she went through a ball phase. She couldn’t get enough of playing with balls. She would bring you the balls every morning and sit and look up forlornly until you threw it for her. But if Pants wanted to play? Forget it. Jezebel is bigger and faster, and would push Pants out of the way to get to the ball.

Recently Jezebel has been in a string phase. She could play with a string all day. But if you dangle a string in front of Pants? Forget it. Jezebel will take it and run. Even if Jezebel isn’t in the room, she somehow knows when you’ve taken pity on poor Pants and have dangled a string in front of her face so she can bat at it once or twice, and she comes running. She’ll take that string away so fast Pants hasn’t even figured out she’s in the room.

I don’t know why Pants doesn’t fight back. Sure, Jezebel is faster and more athletic and generally smarter and much more enthusiastic about toys, but Pants will stand up for herself sometimes about other things.

But when Jezebel takes a toy and won’t let her play? Pants just looks sad and walks away.

Jezbel playing with string

See how in this picture she’s watching closely, and looks interested, but isn’t participating? That’s because she knows better. Once she takes a swat at the string, Jezebel is all over her. So she just sits there.

Maybe she’s decided it’s not worth fighting. Maybe she’s planning to spit in Jezebel’s food later to get her back. Or maybe she’s just accepted that her sister is a complete jerk.




9 responses

25 05 2010
Kathi McDougall

All goes to prove the old addage, “DOGS HAVE MASTERS, CATS HAVE STAFF”.

31 05 2010
Amie Dolton

Hahaha. Won’t even share toys. I love the bit about moving the dresser to find an abundance of toys 🙂 xx

16 06 2010

I just wanted to let you know, you crack me up! =) I think it’s some kind of animal kingdom line up. We have 4 cats and Charlie is THAT cat. It’s not just with toys though, she devours her food, watches everyone else to make sure she finishes first just so she can eat theirs! They do nothing and they are 1 year old and bigger! I dont get it…

22 06 2010

This is SO funny. I totally relate. How about when they insist on sitting on that one TINY scrap of coupon you’ve ripped out of the paper, that you’re trying to read – just to annoy you? Yeah, we call them jerks, but I think in reality there just HONEST, SELFISH people….LOL anyway, great job!

3 07 2010

I am in love with this site. Oddly enough, I stumbled upon it the day I adopted a six week old kitten. It’s like seeing into the future!

I’ve had about 8 cats total in my life (so far) so I know all too well about their plans to slowly take over the world.

6 07 2010

Perhaps Pants considers Jezebel to be her toy. All that it takes is swatting the string once or twice to drive Jezebel insane. 😉

8 07 2010

Hi there! I love ur blog and your top X reasons why your cats are jerks. I’ve linked you on mine! Keep it up! I have 6 … well 7 cats… I can only see myself making a similar list some time soon! hahahaha thanks for sharing! lots a love for you n’ ur kitties! 🙂

8 07 2010

hello guy, nice lolcats blog.
but maybe you’re a jerk not the lolcats.

7 03 2011

Sounds like my Ophelia – she can hear you playing with a wire anything from a mile away!

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