Reason My Cat is a Jerk #23: She Only Wants Me For My Bed

11 02 2010

Every morning, the alarm goes off, and my favorite fuzzy little jerks come running to the bedroom and start meowing at the door because they just can’t wait to see us. And every night, they resist leaving the bedroom, because they love us so much and dread the thought of an entire night without us.

At least, this was what I thought. And then our heater went haywire. I live in this old building, and we have steam heat, which comes up through the radiators, which is lovely most of the time.

Except when the radiators go on the fritz, as happened recently. Some valve in the radiator in our bedroom broke, and instead of letting out a little bit of heat at a time in a quiet manner, the stupid thing spewed forth heat in an unnatural and frightening way. It was about 90 degrees with 90% humidity in our bedroom. The worst part, though, was the clanging, which was loud and constant all night. My husband and I finally gave up on sleeping in our nice, soft, fluffy bed and took refuge on the couch in the living room.

And what did the little jerks do? Did they rush to our sides, thrilled to be allowed to be with us for an entire night?

Of course not. Once the door to the bedroom was open, they ran straight for the bed and stayed there the entire night. They didn’t want to cuddle with us. They didn’t want to comfort us. They didn’t even seem to be bothered by the tropical temperatures and deafening noise. Apparently, all they wanted was to sleep on our bed.


I know, in my heart, that they’re supreme jerks who only look out for themselves, but it’s still nice to have the illusion that they care about us for us. Sadly, it’s all a lie. I now know the truth. They only want us for our bed.




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27 02 2010

Actually your cat might be a jerk in a lot of ways but this isn’t one of them. You look to have a bombay cat (pretty easily identified) and one characteristic unique to them is their desire to be in warm places. Hence, they will often be lap cats for the warmth just as much as the company.

2 03 2010

Dizzle, actually this makes a ton of sense! I never knew they were a certain breed (they were rescue cats, so I just figured they were mutts of some kind), but Pants spends a good portion of each day camped out right in front of the radiator. She’s happiest when she’s really warm. This is really interesting. Thanks so much for the info!

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