Reason My Cat is a Jerk #22: She’s Still Greedy.

2 01 2010


I left a full bag of treats on the table. I found a mostly-empty bag of treats on the floor. And I didn’t even get a thank you.




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17 05 2010
Jen Lizzle

This has happened to me as well – I also have 2 jerkwad cats, and if they are able to jimmy the door to the cabinet where their food is located, I will find a bag of treats in a similar state, except the treats are totally gone. I feel your pain.

20 05 2010

They left some treats left? wow… At this house there wouldnt even be a bag left, they would have dragged it off to gaze apon in victory whenever i dont overfeed them.

10 03 2011

I’ve bought the same treats. Is it just me or does the package seem… A little too cat-friendly?

28 03 2012

mine does that but then she hides the empty bag under furniture so I can’t see she’s done it.

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