Reason My Cat is a Jerk #21: She Sits on My Clothes

13 11 2009

Do you know where Jezebel’s favorite place in the world to sit is?

On top of any clothes I own.


Jezebel on pants


Dry cleaning?

Jezebel on dry cleaning


If I leave any clothes out on the bed, or on top of the dresser, I can be sure it will be covered in little black cat hair when I get home. Even when she has the whole bed to spread out, she’s not interested. (Pants, thankfully, has no interest in me or anything I do, so she’s not a problem.)

Jezejerk on bed

Not unless she can make my life—and my laundry— harder.

What the smell?





4 responses

20 05 2010

Why do they all do that??

4 07 2010

very funny 🙂

20 07 2010

You own 2 cats & haven’t accepted being covered in cat fur at all times? Foolish human! I own a mostly black cat AND a white spotted cat. Whether what I own is dark or light, there WILL be fur on it, either from the cats sleeping on it or from all of the fur that just sort of hovers about. Or from me cuddling the kitties. The fur becomes an accessory…

23 02 2011
Queen Betty

I have spent the last half hour reading through your blog and I think it’s great. Your cats are just like mine, you could in fact be writing about Pepper (Pants) and Marley (Jezabel), the only difference being that Pepper is the puker. The reason I commented on this particular post is because I wanted to ask; does Jezabel favour certain items of your clothing? Both of mine always sleep on my clothes but if I stupidly leave my coat or dressing gown on the back of a chair, or the floor, one of them will be on it immediately. I’m not too sure what the obsession is with those two particular items of my clothing but they love them

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