Reason My Cat is a Jerk #20: She Always Sits in My Drawers

11 07 2009

I think drawers are for holding my stuff.

My cats thinks that drawers are for holding them.

I don’t know what it is about an open drawer that lures them, but they just can’t keep away. Never mind that there is stuff IN the drawer. The fact that I put it there to keep it AWAY from the jerkholes only makes the drawer more appealing, and they suddenly find they can’t resist themselves,  and plop their butts right on down.

In this one, Pants isn’t even enjoying herself. She’s clearly doing it just to piss me off.





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14 07 2009

Once we went on a long-weekend trip and came back to find that our two cats had toppled a dresser. That’s right. Toppled. A. Dresser.

Apparently one of the drawers was left slightly open, and they climbed in and pushed all the rest open, and the weight of all the drawers open with the cats in them caused it to topple.

30 07 2009

Yes, but have they ever SHREDDED an entire couch, making it total garbage in just a few days?

Maybe not too much “a jerk” ehhh?

16 05 2010

Randomly came across your blog … funny stuff … I also have two cats and can relate … thanks for the laughs this morning …

18 05 2010

One of my cats has learned to climb my dresser and open the drawers one at a time to get to the top drawer. Apparently, the small top drawer is way nicer than the condo-esque bottom drawer she could use.

19 03 2011
Christina Gonzales

I once walked into my room after my pregnant cat had given birth to a litter of kittens in my shirt drawer… It sucked.

23 03 2011

Oh they are gorgeous! I have two cats too, one is a Bombay and looks just like yours! The other is a moggie with a plastic fetish.. I can totally relate to your stories! They make me laugh!

16 04 2011

Seriously, my cats have learnt to open some draws just to empty the contents. :/ Cats are jerks. but I love them…

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