Reason My Cat is Jerk #19: She Sheds All Over My White Furniture

28 06 2009

See my nice white couch?

See my nice what couch after I haven’t cleaned off the cat hair in a couple weeks?

This is Pant’s favorite spot to sleep. Naturally. It’s the one light-colored fabric in the house, so obviously that’s what she’d choose to rub her little black catty fur all over.





9 responses

22 07 2009

I have the same problem! Only, my big fat black cat insists on sitting in the middle of the love seat, and stretching out as much as he can simply to leave as much fur behind as he can. jerk.

31 12 2009

It’s all a matter of perspective (or “just how much of a doormat for your cat you really are”): why would you ever purchase light hued furniture when clearly, dark furniture would suit you better since your world revolves around the lovely black cat that owns you; I mean, that you own?

16 05 2010

I’ll never understand why pet owners get nice, white furniture…is something not computing here???

19 05 2010

why did the couch change colour? the cushions too?

26 05 2010

Matteo, I have two couches.

Lisa, I like to believe I don’t have to arrange my life around my cats (which is just not true).

20 07 2010
anice person

Did ever think that maybe you’re the jerk and your cat is just a cat?
I feel sorry for a cat who has to live with someone who thinks so negatively.
Someone should call the Humane Society.

23 03 2011

Oh the above comments need to chill! These blogs are clearly tongue in cheek and the writer evidently loves her cats! Brilliant work! I can’t stop laughing! My two little jerks do the same!

21 07 2011
Tierra Willow Rideout

white couches, and black cats. hmmmm lol

23 12 2011

heres an idea: keep the cat off the damn furniture. mine gets a nice little swat when he needs to be corrected, and he learns from it perfectly.

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