Reason My Cat Is a Jerk #17: She’s Greedy

20 05 2009

That’s two separate bags of food she decided to help herself to. Never mind the full bowl on the floor. It tastes better when you act like a complete jerk.




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2 01 2010
17 05 2010

I hate when my cat Chicken does this!!

18 05 2010

I hide the cat food. They get what is in their bowl until *I* am good and ready.

20 07 2010

Vittle Vaults. That’s what we got to solve that problem. Discourages the presence of mice, too.

12 08 2010

“It tastes better when you act like a complete jerk.”

SO true! I just discovered your blog and I am crying from laughing so hard. Love it.

15 02 2011

You have my cats. I don’t know how it happened, but its true. My two black cats are EXACTLY like yours. Both personalities. Ones a greedy fatty who is desperate for non-stop attention, and never lets the other play during play time. And they both only want me for my warmth in bed at night. And they cover everything light colored with their dark fur. I love this blog. So funny!

20 02 2011

I feel for this. Every time I buy a new bag of food, I forget to throw it on the top shelf of the closet. If I don’t put it all the way up there in that specific spot, she rips it open as soon as I leave the room for more than 5 seconds.
PS love your blog 🙂

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