Reason My Cat is a Jerk #16: She Tears Out All The Stuffing From My Couch

8 04 2009

When Pants was a kitten, she used to climb up inside the arm of the sleeper couch and crawl around and bat at us from inside. If you tapped on the fabric, she would claw back at you. She was tiny, and it was adorable.


It is not longer cute. Pants does not just climb up inside the couch and hang out. Of course not. Ever since she turned into a class-A jerk, she’s preferred to climb up inside the couch, claw at the stuffing, and rip it all out and dump it on the floor.


Here’s her latest attempt at ruining my couch. 

All that white stuff on the floor? That’s all the stuffing she tore out in one night. I didn’t know my couch had that much stuffing. It no longer does.



I don’t know what Pants has against my furniture, but she’s on a quest to ruin everything I paid good money for. What a jerk. 




3 responses

5 07 2010

Well I’ll be more than happy to take that darling cat off your hands since she’s such a huge inconvenience to you…

25 10 2010

so cute hahaha. My cats are such jerks I could totally see them doing this…haha. Jerks 🙂

23 02 2011

oh wow if my cat did that, bye-bye Khan!

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