Reason My Cat is a Jerk #15: She Poops in the Bathtub

16 02 2009

We’d only had the catholes for a few weeks when we started noticing that one of them had a rather annoying habit. We’d go away, and when we came back, she had left us a little present in the bathtub.

They both had a perfectly fine litter box, right there next to the tub, so it wasn’t for lack of proper facilities that they left little gifts for us in the bathroom. And the box itself got used, by both of them, so it wasn’t like they just didn’t understand the whole litter box concept. The culprit knew what she was doing.

At first we weren’t sure one was responsible. They’re sneaky, my little jerks. They know what they’re supposed to do, so they’re careful not to get caught when doing bad stuff. We kind of hoped it was Pants who was responsible, because then we could call her Poopy Pants and all sorts of hilarity would ensue. But eventually we discovered it was Jezebel, because she would slink around and act guilty whenever there was a fresh offering in the tub. Once I even caught her in the act—she was scratching around at the porcelain of the tub, trying to bury it (with no success).

To combat the problem, first we took the litter box out of the bathroom and kept the door closed at all times so she couldn’t get in to do her business. But she kept sneaking in anyway, and we gave up and decided to move the litter box straight to the bathtub. If she’s going to poop there anyway, we decided, we might as well give her the option of getting it done in the right spot.

That’s right. I gave up my bathtub for the little jerks. Now I can’t take a bath without soaking the whole thing in bleach, and even then, it’s still vaguely reminiscent of Eau de Poop, so I generally just don’t bother.

The good news is that most of the time, Jezebel uses the box now, but about once a week, we still poke our heads into their little poopy domain and find that she has left us a little present right next to her litter box.

What we can’t figure out was why. Why is she ignoring her perfectly good poopbox in order to turn my bathtub into a place I never again want to take a long hot soak? Well, we started to notice that she often did it when we were gone for a while. So maybe it’s partly that she misses us when we leave. We started making sure to give her lots of attention before we left for work in the mornings. She also seemed to do it whenever it had been more than a few days since her litter box had been cleaned. She’s a priss. So we bought another litter box and started cleaning more often. That still did not stop her.

The only logical conclusion is that she does it because she’s a supreme jerk. Sadly, this is the one reason we can do absolutely nothing about.

Poop away, jerkhole. Poop away.




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17 03 2009

Oh, this brought back bad memories. My cat that we had growing up used to do this, and I would find it when I got up at o’dark thirty to go to high school. What an awesome “good morning.”
Your blog is hilarious–I found it when I googled “cat spills water.” Mine does it to, she is a total jerk and also quite dumb. There seems to be no good solution.

2 03 2010

Maybe she just smells the sewer gases and thinks it’s the right spot!! That was my theory when one of my cats did this!

16 05 2010
noodle's mama

This is eerie, your entire blog sounds like I could have written it. I’m commenting on this entry we dealt with the same problem, and we didn’t know how to stop it either. Then a genius idea came to me: fill the tub with water! This served a dual purpose
1. it helped identify which one of my two cats was doing it (the wet-bellied one is the culprit)
2. kept them from doing it, since both of my cats dislike water.

One pitfall though, we came home the next day to find poop in the sink. No matter though, we kept the sink filled with water after that, too. We kept this up for about two weeks before leaving the tub and sink dry again, and we’ve been free of tub-poop ever since.

16 05 2010

yup, us too. Water in the bathtub had been a decent solution for us. He still poops in inappropriate places, but none so disagreeable as the bathtub, which is old, and the finish is sort of porous, so the nastiness was hard to totally eradicate – and I do like a good soak, as do my little girls. (The girls’ existence is probably the biggest reason for him becoming a jerk in the first place).

17 05 2010

My grandmother’s cat occasionally does the same thing. Interesting…

17 05 2010

Have you checked to see if your cat has any medical problems? I’ve heard that kidney stones and things like that will keep them from using the box. Also, cats really like to not have to smell their box, so the drain seems like a great option for them to pee in. Did you know you can toilet train your cat, lol? There are great books on it.

19 05 2010

You could always leave a little water in the tub at all times so when she goes to make a mess, she’ll have a nice little surprise. >;3 that would make it stop.

19 05 2010

My sons cat is the Male and twin of your own. We all love him, but he does everything listed above accept for the furniture destruction and craping in the tub. My son is only 8, but we have a mutual understanding that if his cat ever starts doing either of the too, the furniture stays, the cat goes.

20 05 2010

Be careful what cleaning products you use, some contain ammonia and this continues to vicious cycle! your cats will want to mark over the smell, thinking its another cat marking it’s territory.
Does this make much sense?! haha, i’m terrible at explaining! x

My cats seem to like behind the t.v. hmmm

20 05 2010

Love your story. At least she doesn’t poop in your draws. I love all four of my cats and yes they can be jerks at times, but what would we do without them??

20 05 2010

As a kid we had a cat who left a present in the bathtub for us, but only once. We had left him home alone when we went to Detroit for Christmas, and came home to his christmas gift…We figured he was just mad at us. I’d rather have the gift in the bathtub though, than on my bed, which my latest cat did twice when my roommate accidentally closed the door to the basement, and thus the litter box. yuck.

21 05 2010

Oh wow. I’m so glad I’m not the only one living with a bastard cat. My beautiful white blue-eyed Siamese delights in pooping in my shower (right next to his pristine ultra-clean sandbox). The vet said it’s because he’s stressed of having to share a litter box with another cat (my very docile and sweet panther-like huge kitty), but even using two separate litter boxes doesn’t solve it. Simply put, my cat is evil, and I’ve learnt to live with it (I think if he weren’t so amazingly beautiful I would have chucked him out ages ago). Oh yes, everything here is familiar: he sleeps on my laundry, scratches my sofa and destroys my possesions (he actually waits to get my attention, then looks at me while he nudges breakables off shelves).

On the other hand, he has amazing empathy and always takes care of me when I’m sick or upset. Weird.

4 07 2010

“She also seemed to do it whenever it had been more than a few days since her litter box had been cleaned”
..really? how often do you clean the litter box? because that sounds a bit grim.
a litter box should be as clean as possible at all times. like, cleaned once a day, *at least*.
think about it, would you really like to use your toilet if it hadn’t been flushed in ‘more than a few days’?

8 07 2010

Try a larger litter box.

11 03 2011

I FEEL YOUR PAIN! My cat even pees in the tub sometimes…though he knows perfectly well how to go in the toilet…jerk

28 03 2011

Phantom never had a litter box – but before we got her a cat door she would sometimes get locked inside for a prolonged period. I used to appreciate the fact that she went in the bathtub – at least it was easy to cleanup. Unlike that other catlike habit of throwing up on the carpet about 10cm away from the easy-to-clean hard flooring. *sigh*

20 06 2011

two cats, you need two litterboxes, and they must be cleaned every day. Also, make sure she can get in and out of it easily, no arthritis ( I dont know how old she is) and that she has privacy. Also some cats prefer open to closed litterboxes. She is trying to tell you something! One of my cats was leaving me presents like that, but once I added a litterbox, it stopped. Good luck

23 07 2011

I read somewhere that cats display their poop as a sign of dominance, and sometimes when your cat notices that you always flush yours away it’s taken as submission on your part. She’s trying to show you that she’s the boss, because she’s leaving her poops where you have to find them and clean them up for her. Which I think only further proves your point that yes, she’s being a jerk.

23 12 2011

“She also seemed to do it whenever it had been more than a few days since her litter box had been cleaned” that is your problem, you people are scum and dont clean your litter boxes. you should be cleaning them 1-2 times per day at least. also probably why your apartment smells massively like cat piss.

26 04 2012

I know this is probably an ubber late reply; but some cats prefer 2 litter boxes: one for the wet stuff and the other for the (other) stinky stuff.

Alas, sometimes they really do just do it to prove they’re dominant. Probably not so much because of you, but because they have to share you with another kitty 🙂

Love your blog!

22 09 2012

My cat is 8 years old and she started going in the bathtub a few years ago. She was perfectly good as a kitten. Not only that but sometime she pees on the carpet right outside of the bathroom, and on the bath rug. Driving me insane. What can I do???

15 07 2014
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16 10 2014

my cat is a scum bag she was fine when I got her home using the litter box then she started climbing on my bed sweet right no she peed on my pillow I stopped her from going on my bed after that she started drinking from my toilet gross so I got child locks then my cat started peeing and pooping in my tub and filing it with water didn’t help she either drink the water in the tub or smartly crouch and pee and poop in the tub help I don’t ant to get rid of my snickers

13 11 2015

My jerkhole does something similar. Instead of pooping I’m the shower. He will wait every morning for me to take a shower and then crap in the box next to the tub and let me bask in warm cat shit steam. No matter if he just went has been fed our not fed if I shower at any time off the day he will always shit right next to me. Damn jerkhole

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