Reason My Cat is a Jerk #14: She Messes Up My Knitting

2 02 2009

I recently learned to knit. This seemed like a great plan at the time: I was going to visit my in-laws, and needed something to do to keep me from going crazy.  Knitting is safe, legal, way cheaper than drugs,  and would result in a warm scarf. It seemed like an all-around good idea.

It worked out great until I got back home and tried to finish up my scarf with two jerky cats around. One thing I didn’t take into account? CATS LOVE STRINGS. They especially love moving strings. They love knitting like nobody’s business.

Jezebel loves knitting

Now, it would be fine if they just sat and watched the string move, but of course that’s not what they do. No. Jezebel’s new favorite hobby is to sit next to me and try to entangle herself in the string. She loves to reach out and attack it, and she seriously loves trying to unravel the parts I’ve already knit. It would be kind of cute, if she didn’t look so darn evil while she’s doing it. It’s like she knows I hate it, and that makes her want to destroy my knitting even more. I know I should expect no less—after all, she’s a total jerk—but for some reason I expected better. Some day I’ll learn.





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2 02 2009

I’ve got the sweetest cat in the world who wants nothing more than to cuddle in my lap whilst I watch TV. But the moment I pull out my knitting, she turns into the biggest jerk I have ever seen. It’s amazing I’ve completed a scarf and a hat this season with her batting at and chasing any loose yarn she can see. So, it may not make things easier, but you’re not alone.

2 02 2009

My cat has finally learned not to interfere with the knitting. It may be just because she’s gotten older and lazier. If you keep up with the knitting, they’ll get used to it.

2 02 2009
Julie P

My boy cat, Dylan, is a jerk too. I have a wrap around blouse that has a braided string/band that wraps around my waist. He loves the braided string/band so much I think he’s in love with it. I can’t hardly keep him away from it. He swats and tugs at the braided string/band with wild abandon. Once I left it hanging on my bedroom door on a hook. In the middle of the night he woke me up. He was jumping as high as he could to get at the blouse. got out of bed and put the blouse in the closet, a closet he is now forbidden to enter, if I have any plans of keeping the blouse from getting ruined.

12 11 2009

My cat is a mean old jerk, she was a cute sweet little thing till she got knocked up. She has a litter about every 4 months. Now she sits in front of rooms hissing at everyone who tries to get by. We call her Mama Kitty since she is ALWAYS pregnant but she a huge jerk. I tried to get in my room one night after a shower and she hissed at me and jumped on my bed, when i went over to my bed she flipped and tried to kill me.

9 12 2009

Great site! My cats do most of these things too – especially the knitting. Not only the wool, but the needles, are attractive to them as well. Sam even likes playing with the shadows cast by the needles if there’s a light behind me! (that’s him rolled up in my alpaca wool on the bottom of the page)

11 05 2010

very nice
well i share to my friends

18 05 2010

OMG I had a chocolate tuxedo cat named Pants too! He pooped on my bed so I put him out in the barn. He disappeared out among the livestock and never returned.

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