Reason My Cat is a Jerk #12: She Shredded My Hat

15 01 2009

Cats love to destroy things. That’s what they do: they eat, they poop, they sleep, and they shred things to bits. Apparently that’s all they’re designed to do.

So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to come home the other day to find Jezebel chomping away at my husband’s favorite winter hat.

I have no idea where he got this thing (he’s had it forever), but I’ve never much liked it—and, apparently, neither did Jezebel—but that still doesn’t mean that it’s ok for her to tear the thing to shreds. There Jezebel was: biting at the pieces of yarn, yanking at the threads individually, pulling them out. She took off a whole hemisphere before we caught her.

And look at her—completely unapologetic. The little jerk looks almost proud of her work. I’m going to shred her someday.




2 responses

25 10 2010

she def look proud… I’m very familiar with that look lol

21 02 2011

My cat Hestia loves wool. Just freaking loves it. I was trying to pack for a camping trip when I was interrupted by her stealing my wool socks. She sneaks into my mom’s sewing room and steals small circles of wool. One time we came home to find her halfway up the stairs with several YARDS of wool fabric stolen from my mom’s sewing room. She’s nuts!

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