Reason My Cat is a Jerk #10: She Sits on the Table

21 12 2008

Our little jerks have a happy home. They have food to eat, things to play with, people who love them despite their jerkiness, and a whole big apartment full of comfy places to sit. So what’s their very favorite place to nap in the whole world? Naturally, the one place they are not allowed.

Cat butts do not belong on the same surface as food. That’s just a given. So from day one, the cats have not been allowed to sit on the table. But for some reason, the fact that we shoo them off the table every time somehow only makes it more appealing.

When we come out into the living room in the middle of the night, without fail one of the jerks is sprawled out across it. When we get home from work? They’re there. Sometimes they’ll get bold and jump up when one of us is in the room, and then just sit there, taunting us, daring us to come make them get off the table.

The thing is, they know they’re not allowed up there. As soon as we come toward them to get them off, they jump. Jezebel gets this scared look in her eyes, like she knows she’s about to get in trouble, then launches off the table and hides under the bed. Pants hops down and saunters off, like getting off the table was her idea in the first place. But then the next time we look, they’re up there again.

Oh yes, they know they’re not allowed on the table. They just don’t care. They sit there anyway, because it makes us angry, and because they’re jerks.




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4 07 2010

Cats love high-up places. Their wild family members are usually seen picking a high-up spot. It lets them inspect their territory. In a normal home, the table is one of the highest lying places around, that’s probably why they choose it. It might help putting up a scratch tree with a higher-than-the-table platform to sleep on.

And yes, I know I’m commenting on ancient stuff here

21 07 2010

All cats behave this way. You can only make a cat obey when they know you’re watching. Even if you don’t see the behavior you scolded them for, rest assured; you turn your back and they’re doing it.

10 07 2011

Yes, I always tell my cat where my feet and butt don’t go your feet and but don’t go. It doesn’t matter. I still catch him on the kitchen counter every once in a while. Stupid cat.

3 12 2011

My cat used to like jumping up on the stove top, to prevent that, I started keeping a spray bottle in the kitchen.

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