Reason My Cat is a Jerk #9: She Likes My Husband Better

12 12 2008

Back before my husband and I got married, we talked about one day getting cats. Well, I talked about getting cats. He was ambivalent. I LOVE cats; he just thought they were kind of weird. So once we were legally bound and set up with nice new furniture for the little jerks to destroy, I started whining about how I wanted to get kittens. I would look at pictures of kittens at nearby shelters online. I would casually walk into PetCo, just to check out the rescue cats. I would get friends who had cats to talk about how much they loved their furry friends around my husband.

Then one day, I went in on my regular rounds at PetCo, and fell in love with these two little black kittens I just knew were meant to be ours. I sent my husband to the store to check them out later that afternoon. I called him while he was still in the store to see what he thought. I finally convinced him that it was time to take the plunge.

So how do the ungrateful cats repay me for my pivotal role in bringing them into our loving home? Naturally, they decide to show clear and express favoritism toward my husband.

If we’re both sitting on the couch, they’ll pick his lap to sit on, every time. If we’re both in the apartment, they’ll follow him around. It’s like I don’t even exist. If they want attention, they’ll go and meow at him.

All I want to do when I get home from work is pet my kitties and hold them. My husband? Couldn’t care less. They flock to him.

Ninety percent of the time, I’m the one who puts food in their dish. They still go to him when they’re hungry.

I’m always willing to throw a toy mouse for them. They still bring their mice to him.

It doesn’t matter what he’s doing; they just want to be with him. Me? Not so much

The more I try to love them, the more they run to him. It’s like being with my high school boyfriend Ralph all over again, except even my cats would have remembered to call me on my sixteenth birthday. Or maybe they just would have called my husband instead, since they like him so much.

Either way, for not appreciating all the love I have to give, catholes, you, like Ralph, are total jerks.




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21 12 2008

how did I not know about this blog?! Awesomeness! My kitties look so much like your babies. I can’t wait to keep up on Pants and Jezebel here.

2 02 2009


My cat loves my fiance more than me. For that they are both jerky.

3 06 2009

Lol! This blog is pure gold. I, too, am the owner of a jerk of the feline persuasion.

She never purrs. She would rather have nothing to do with me. She runs from my love! She only uses me when she wants to play. And her favorite/only type of play is ROUGH play. I have hairline scars on both arms to prove this. I put up with it because it’s the only attention she gives me! Although that’s a-changin’ as I am quite fond of my forearm skin, hah.

Please keep posting, I love knowing other people go through the same thing!

Why oh why do our kitties insist on being jerks?

16 05 2010

I think I read something once about why in a group of people, a cat will pick the one allergic, or not caring of it’s presents to come to for attention. “When a cat enters the room, many cat lovers look right at the cat, start making “Here kitty, kitty” or other strange noises and make movements toward the cat. All of these are perceived as hostile acts.” basically seek safety with the one who doesn’t stare or call them. I think it’s the same idea with yer cats, only you vs. yer husband.

Also tho, dunno how old yer cats were when you got them, but my cat that was a young kitten, he’s like my bestest best friend lover ever, especially when my husbands mad at me, he always shows up to give me loving. But not only did I feed him and play with him, I kept him away from my brothers, who weren’t very nice at all, so by contrast I became the better person. But my other cat that I got after I was married, she prefers to sit on my husbands lap, and when we first got he, she’d rarely ever sit on mine or sleep by me on the bed, 3 years now ,she’ll crawl all over me and sit in my lap, but just not for very long and I think it has to do with me petting her, my husband doesn’t really pet her as he doesn’t care, he just lets her sit there, and she’ll lay on him for hours still. I think that’s what they like. They just want our body warmth, not our lovin’ so much.

17 05 2010

I think this is common with cats, actually… Female cats seem naturally more drawn to men, and vise versa.

My ex got a cat shortly before we broke up, and she would always cower when a woman came over. She got used to me after a while, but I was there every day… Now that I’m not there as much, she stops coming to me.

That’s just my observation of it, though.

4 07 2010

Christiee is right. It’s mostly the staring though. Cats like high-pitched noise (that’s why cats are generally more attrackted to female humans and also why you should give them a name ending in a high-pitched letter like y), but they hate staring. When two cats meet outside, they don’t attack each other, but they just stand there, staring each other down for a long time until one of them makes a move. For cats, looking them in the eyes is a bit like saying “I dare you”. Cats that are friendly to each other almost never look each other in the eye.
The best way to deal with it is just looking slightly to the right or left, not directly at the eyes, or nearly close the eyes like cats do when they’re comfy. It’s just different body language. A bit like dogs wag their tails when they’re happy but if a cat does it, you’re in for some scratching.
You could also try immitating the purring, which is cat language for “I don’t plan to hurt you if you don’t hurt me” (not just “I’m happy” as many people think.. cats purr too when they’re dying or in deep pain), but that may be a bit too silly and it might sound more like growling.

22 02 2011

I loved my cats but my man didn’t… they all moved him waaaaay more than me. I stopped caring that they loved him more & eventually he ended up loving the cats! I couldn’t care less about them at that point…..which was exactly the time they decided to love me more instead of him.

After owning 6 different cats at different points in my life, I am inclined to say that if you love your cats, they will hate you. If you hate them, they will love you.

9 03 2011

yeah female cats usually tend to like men more than women and they also like people who ignore them.i once read that they do that because they think that ignoring them it’s a form of respect. that’s why it seems like they are more fond to people who don’t like cats( because they don’t approach them )

1 05 2011
odd, but nice

My cat a.) looks identical to yours and b.) EXACT SAME THING! I feed him, love him, spoil him – husband didn’t even WANT him! And the damn cat loves him like crazy. NOT FAIR. 😦 My cat is a jerk too.

4 09 2011

I feel your pain. My husband and I have two cats, adopted seperately. His is a female Siamese mix named Calypso and mine is a male Snowshoe named Skylar. Calypso cries and throughs a fit if hubby leaves but walks away when I try to pet her. Skylar loves everyone (even the vet) but shows a preference for me, running from anyone else to jump in my lap. I kind of wish he’d snub my husband once so he’d know how I feel with Calypso’s snootiness!

11 12 2012
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28 12 2012

“like my husband” …more

26 07 2013

Two words: daddy’s girls. Nuff said.

9 12 2013

I can tell you right now, female cats do not always go to men. I have 3 male cats and one female. She hates my husband with a passion. She tolerates him but, when he goes away on business trips it’s the happiest she ever is. lol She also only bonds with other female cats. Both females she grew up with we lost to cancer and kidney failure so she’s the only girl left. She’s also a Tortie so, that might have something to do with it. Torties are famous for their “tortie-tudes.”Two out of three of my male cats don’t care who they get love from while the third that I rescued and my husband wanted to get rid of, adores my husband more than life itself and visa verse. He’s my husbands best pal. I used to care that he didn’t like me much and he basically ignored the fact I existed. When I stopped caring is when he started jumping on my lap.

13 10 2015

THANK YOU!!!!! I am the one who feeds them, especially at 4:15 a.m. when they are pouncing and nibbling at me, it’s like having a newborn!! But do I complain???? Nooooo. Would my husband do it???? Nooooo. But who do they flock to to love on??? NOT ME!!! I, like you, longed to have kitties to come home to and snuggle with. It took YEARS of begging, he finally gave in and THIS is what I get. Although, I am glad he secretly loves them. One day kitties One day!!!! You will love me 💘 lol

19 11 2016
Shonta Madonia

we just got a main coon kitten she was 6 weeks old when we got her and i fell in love with her she was so sweet and calm she went to sleep on my chest through the entire drive. this is like our 4th kitten and every single one of them like my husband more than me. even now i old my husband we should share in feeding her so she could treat us equally i have been feeding her and giving her water lately but she still chooses my husband over me. each time he comes home she pops up excited she will watch him leave and when he comes into the room she jumps down and goes to him when he sits down she get on the sofa where he is and sleeps on top of him or beside him or sit on his leg. I’m actually the one who stays home with her almost all day by myself while he works but still she liked him more than me. it’s not a good feeling at all, half my life people always chose someone else over me its why i don’t have friends and stayed alone until i got married, when your alone nobody can choose someone else over you. Or feel like others are more interested in the person beside you so my kitten bring up negative emotions in me 😦

6 02 2017

My cat is also a husband-loving asshole. He didn’t even want her and still she chooses him and attacks me.

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