Reason My Cat is a Jerk #5: She Pretends She Don’t Know Us

11 11 2008

My husband and I went out of town for a few days, and we just got back this morning. I missed the little jerks, and I was so excited to throw open the door and run inside and grab my kitties… and immediately have them run away and hiss and pretend they have no idea who I am.

I grabbed Pants as soon as I set my suitcase down, and she struggled out of my arms. I then ran for Jezebel, but she hid under the bed.

Now, we lined up neighbors to come in and feed the cats while we were gone, so it wasn’t like they were starving to death or anything. And we were only gone for four days. We have fed them and loved them and cleaned up their poop and taken care of them for two years. They didn’t forget who we are in four days. They’re dumb, but they are not THAT dumb. They were just being jerks. We left them, so they decided to pay us back by ignoring us.

Fine. I went in and took a nap and locked them out of the bedroom just to show them. Unfortunately, that suited them just fine.

Eventually, when they got hungry enough, they warmed up to us again. Their affection can be bought. But for the first half hour they were aloof and spiteful, and I remembered exactly why my cats are jerks.




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13 11 2008
Wonders Never Cease

What a face! Totally bored by you!
My cat used to punish me for leaving too by ignoring me when I returned. And then when I had kids, I discovered they did this too! Did they learn it from the cat? ( I suppose I can’t really call my kids jerks…at least not on a public blog.)

20 05 2010

I have 3 cats. Two 1 year old boys Sheldon and Tiger, They’re brothers. And Domo our new baby girl. While I am sleeping Domo runs, claws, and jumps all over me. Sheldon pulls things, like socks and the cat toys into the litter box so all of them can have the opportunity to poopy all over them. Then he watches me pick said things out so they can be trashed. I think he might be laughing inside during this whole process. Sheldon also enjoys howling all day and night. It’s almost intolerable. And Tiger eats until he throws up, then he eats some more. I’m glad someone else thinks cats are jerk’s cause mine are too.

4 03 2011

My cat has separation issues, I went away working for a week while my wife was at home. One the first night my cat wandered about the house crying out to find me. The rest of the nights he hid in the spare room.

29 07 2011
Ann Elk

I went on a trip and left my cat home alone for four-and-a-half days with 3 bowls of water and 5 cups of dry cat food. He was fine, and happy to see me when I returned. I think you spoil your cats too much.

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