Reason My Cat is a Jerk #3: She Only Wants to Be Near Me When I’m Trying to Work

25 10 2008

I come home from a long day at the office, and all I want is a glass of wine, a good book, and my precious little kitties to curl up in my lap.

Fat chance.

Pants wants nothing to do with me if I’m trying to relax. If I pick her up and put her in my lap, she jumps right on down, making sure to claw my leg in the process. If I’m watching TV? No way.

The only time Pants wants to hang out with me is when I’m trying to work. As soon as I open my laptop, she’s there, kneading at my stomach, sticking her butt in my face so I can’t see the screen. She purrs and rubs her face on my screen and generally tries to show me how much she loves me– as long as I’m trying to type. But the second I put the computer aside to give her the attention she so obviously deserves, she’s done with me.

She does this to my husband too. If he’s trying to grade papers at the desk, she has to be on his lap. If he’s trying to sew, she wants to be a part of it. If he’s just sitting around relaxing? Fuhgetaboutit.

Pants is only interested in me when I want nothing to do with her, and when I try to show her a little affection, she runs away. in fact, she’s a lot like most of the guys I dated in college in that way. Oh, and in another: she’s a jerk.




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23 07 2010

cats do that to get your attention

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