Reason My Cat is a Jerk #1: She Spills Her Water Every Single Day

12 10 2008

Jezebel loves water. Well, Jezebel loves looking at water. She runs to the toilet whenever it flushes to see the water go down. She pokes at vases when they’re full. She loves water so much she can’t help herself from playing with it. Which is why, every single day, she spills her water all over the floor.

Every evening after I fill her dish back up, I hear her, nudging her it gently. She pushes it, just a little, and the bottom of the ceramic bowl scrapes across the tile floor. That’s how we know the kitchen floor is about to be covered in water again.

We always have to be careful not to walk into the kitchen in socks, just in case. A while back, we thought we could fix the problem by getting her a new water bowl. The one we got is ugly, but it has a heavy bottom that we thought would be too heavy for her to push. We were wrong. She has to work harder, but she can still get a large amount of water on the floor with a little bit of effort.

The only reason we don’t take the bowl away completely is that occasionally Pants will drink from it before it ends up on the floor. If it were just Jezebel—well, she’d be one parched kitty, that’s for sure.

Why does Jezebel feel the need to spill the water in the exact same way every day? Why can’t be happy just drinking it like any other cat? Because she’s a jerk.




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16 05 2010
dimple face

I think your over reacting but it true thats why i hate cats u went through all this work just to show your cats u hate them? how weird

16 05 2010

My cat does this too! Stinking little jerk! We even bought him a non-skid bowl but he outsmarted us.
Eventually we just moved his bowl to a run on top of a rug. it works okay.

16 05 2010

Some cats don’t like drinking ‘flat’, non-moving water. They prefer it to be moving, so they can see where it is. If you’d get Jezebel a water dispenser where the water flows out all the time, she’d stop doing ths.

17 05 2010

my cat did the same thing, so i put velcro on the bottom of the bowl. she can’t move it, and you can still peel it off to clean it. i jut use a cup to pour water into it for refilling.

17 05 2010

My cat and my dog both do this. well my dog spills both his food and his water all over the floor. The cat just makes a huge mess with her water. I feel your pain lol and it never fails I always end up stepping in it with socks on

19 05 2010

My boyfriends cats do the same thing. We have even gone undercover with the webcam to watch them in action while they are gone.

It doesnt make too much sense to me. But its funny as hell!

4 07 2010

Glenda’s right, cats like moving water. Also, there’s another thing that might be part of the reason. Does the cat drink the water when it’s on the floor? If yes, do you have a water softener or does the place you life in just have softened tap water (if you don’t know, does the tap water feel slightly softer than bottled water)? If yes, that may be the reason. Softened water “stinks” for cats. It doesn’t smell or taste the same as natural water. Most cats just let it sit there for a couple of days until it smells/tastes more natural for them (or they just go drink out of the toilet), but maybe your cat spills it because it likes the smell of water + floor dirt more than your tap water.
Around here, we get tap water that has higher quality than most bottled water, with many mineralse but also a high amount of chalk (which is a pain for coffee machines). My cat is an outdoor cat and usually just drinks out of our neighbors pond, but in the winter, when the water outside is frozen, it always drinks our tap water with joy. Our neighbors cat, on the other hand, doesn’t. They have a water softener. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
(Note, this is not only personal observation. It’s also, for example, mentioned in the cat behaviour book “Catwatching” by zoologist Desmond Morris)

5 07 2010

I have a cat that does that. I put the bowl in a tray and voila, she can still play with it but with less mess!

20 07 2010

I sympathize with you. I have two cats; a calico female who is relatively “normal” but antisocial and a black female who is remarkably like your Jezebel.
Anyway, the black one always spills her water (on carpet!) I tried everything short of bolting it to the floor which wouldn’t have worked because when the bowl doesn’t move she just scoops it out. I finally got a tray about three times the size of the bowl and it keeps it off the carpet. She doesn’t drink the water that falls in the tray she just likes to kick it out of the bowl. sometimes she dives into the bowl to see the splash. I have to change it 50 times a day as well because she like to wash her paws after she uses the litter box.

10 11 2010

My granddaughter’s cat LOVES water. He bats his water dish until it is all over the floor. He runs to the tub when you turn the shower off and rolls in the wet tub. He sleeps in the bathroom sink. But the water dish thing was driving me nuts. So I bought a water fountain – having heard that cats do not like to drink still water. He will drink the water as it comes down the slant, but still puts it all over the floor by smacking the fountain. I guess I will have to get a tray – I am just tired of cleaning up the water. The floor slants so it rolls everywhere! I have 3 cats of my own and none of them do this.

21 02 2011
josh e

Get a dish where their whiskers do not hit the sides while they are drinking and it will more than likely stop.

4 03 2011

I ended up moving my cats water from a dish to a pint glass, filling right to the brim. He drinks a little from that without making a mess. The downsides are that It’s more likely for one of drunk friends to kick it over… and Mr. Kitty thinks every pint of water is his.

30 08 2011

You are obviously too stupid to be a good cat owner….buy a goldfish and try not to forget to take it out of the plastic bag!!

28 01 2012

My cat did that too, and it truly did stop when I got him a fountain. I tried the bowl in a tray, the bowl with rubber non-skid feet, everything. He would only drink the water with his paws (scoop paw into water, then lick his paws). But now with the fountain he never plays with his water, only drinks it (and he stopped begging me to turn on the sink faucet for him).

5 02 2013

Oh my gosh, I can’t STAND my cats! They are 10 years old and I secretly hope they do not set a record-breaking life span. I am not mean to them, they are mean to me. They terrorize me with all the disgusting things they do. I am covered in hair wherever I go because it’s next to impossible to set boundaries for a cat. If I do, they get revenge somehow. The older they get, the worse it is. At least I am not alone. Scuse me, have to go clean up some dried puke I found. SOOO GROSSS! I want my life back!

26 02 2013

Kitty fountain. Srsly. Will change your life.

10 01 2014
Maryanne O'Keeffe Potter

I’ve had probably a hundred cats due to living near farmland and having lots of them later on as well.
They have pooped outside their litter box, peed on fresh warm clothes out of the dryer and on beds.
To stop the puking, rub butter or vaseline on their lips once a month.
The current one does not eat anything but dried cat food and the gravy off the top of wet food, others have eaten every bit of food everywhere including ramen noodles he stole from my kid; we thought he was a girl at first but when she went to get neutered she turned into a he but the name Marie stuck so he became Marie the boy, that maybe why he was a thief.

6 03 2014
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30 08 2014

Me and my daughters cat does the same thing. I have a conjoined food and water dish and my cat will push the whole thing all over the kitchen floor.I’ve read through the comments on here and now have a couple ideas to try out. Maybe I could try bottled water or getting a bigger dish so his whiskers won’t hit the sides of the dish.

4 04 2015

The majority of cats exhibit these behaviors you described..My cat does all these same antics…and…she is not a jerk…rather smart according to me. I put a cardboard box under water dish ..working and problem solved at the moment..

16 04 2016

One of my cats does the same thing. Every time I get them some water she races to it and purposely spills half of it all over the floor. I watch her purposely push the bowl over with one of her front paws and then drink the water from the floor. I found if I don’t fill the bowl as full then its less likely she’ll spill it everywhere, but it still does happen. It’s a little frustrating but it’s just a part of Chloe and I wouldn’t change anything about her, even the bad bits ❤

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